Thread Length Calculation

The program is able to make an estimate of the amount of thread required for stitching.

Simply enter the fabric count and the number of strands you are going to use on the needle and the program will calculate the required thread.

The number of stitches used is also given so that rug designers can determine the number of pre-cut lengths required.

The thread length estimates can be printed and additional notes can be added first.

Thread Costings

The Plus and Publisher editions also calculate the cost of the required threads. You simply specify the cost of a meter of thread and the thread cost is shown for each colour and as a total for the design.

Variable Formula

The Plus and Publisher editions allow the formula used for thread calculations to be altered. The number of stitches obtained from a length of thread needs to be entered for each count of fabric. The program comes with these set for a 1 meter length and thus all the thread lengths are given in meters. If numbers are entered for any other unit of length then the estimates are the required number of lengths.

The amount of thread added for wastage can also be entered as a percentage.

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