When graphics files and scanners are used to convert to cross stitch, you often get isolated single stitches of a colour in the design. Whilst these are sometimes necessary for realism (particularly hilights in eyes), generally they just increase stitching difficulty and add little to the design.

The despeckle tool is an easy way to remove single stitches. The tool replaces any isolated stitch with the majority colour of the 9 surrounding stitches.

Manual tool

The manual tool works by rubbing over the design. Despeckling is performed on any stitches the tool is rubbed over. The pen width setting can be used to cover larger areas faster.

Auto Tool

The Area Despeckle is used to despeckle an entire area without having to rub over each stitch. It allows much faster operation but you have less control.

Level 2 Despeckle

Most commercial kits are designed with large areas of colour rather than having lots of frequent changes of colour. The second level of despeckle creates a similar effect automatically by grouping stitches into areas of the same colour. The tool is accessed by clicking a second time on the despeckle tool and selecting the level 2 tool from the drop down toolbar.


Raw scan

Level 1 Despeckled

Level 2 Despeckled

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