What's New in Platinum

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Platinum is the first major new version of Cross Stitch Professional for 4 years. One of the biggest changes is that after the platinum upgrade, there will not be any need to purchase major version upgrades. The program will evolve over time rather than new features being held back for the next major release. There will be 1 year of free updates with every Platinum package (new or upgrade - requires registration). After the free year, there will be a small annual charge to continue updating.


CMYK Colours
The printing industry has used CMYK colour values instead of RGB for a long time. Often if you are having designs professionaly printed the printers will ask for CMYK output. Magazines also use CMYK. The Platinum version allows you to set CMYK colours and have the whole program work with these colours (not convert from RGB). You will need the Publisher version to export in CMYK or to print colour separations but all editions will let you send CMYK designs to publishers that use our software. You will need to ask them if they have special CMYK colour values for you to use.

Print preview colours when designing
Since it is posssible to set different colours for print purposes, the program can now let you design whilst viewing the print colours.

Stitch by Stitch undo
Previously each click on the undo/redo buttons took the design back to where you last changed tools or colour. This is still available but a second tool allows uno/redo one stitch at a time.

Stitch Editor (Plus and Publisher)
Now you can use a complete vector based CAD package included with the Plus and Publisher versions to create your own stitch types. Create screen views, toolbar images and designs for the printed pattern

Petit Point Layer (Plus and Publisher)
Each stitch position can be divided into 4 positions so yo can mix cross stitch and petit-point for increased resolution in some areas. Those areas can be separated from the main chart and additional pages created that show those areas magnified.

Import to petit-point
When importing you can import at both normal and petit point resolutions. The petit-point is initially hidden from view and you can selectively substitute the higher resolution for any stitch position. Just draw over the design with the special tool and watch the definition of your scanned images increase !

Magic placement of fractional stitches
There is an option to select the orientation of fractional stitches according to where on the stitch position you click rather than having a separate tool for each orientation.

Split Stitches
There are cross stitches of half normal height and half normal width in thePLus version. Unlike the previous Publisher edition implementation, they interact with cross stitches to delete half a cross when placed on top.

Variegated Colours
The program can display the effect of variagated thread colours on the design screen. This is done by allowing several colour segments to be defined for each thread. There will be updates to the standrad thread ranges to add variegated colours but at the moment they have to be edited manually.

View in Frame retains selected frame moulding with design file.

Colour Schemes
Different colur schemes can be assigned to each type of stitch for printing. So you could darken light backstitches or lighten dark cross stitches to improve pattern readability without affecting the design screen view.

Exporting (Plus and Publisher)
More flexibility for exporting including selection of jpg quality and transparent Tiff images. Also scaleable wmf vector export. PDF creation with faster loading of designs with solid backstitch. Publisher version can export CMYK combined files and colour separations at any size and resolution.

Print Preview
Much faster and infinite resolution print preview. Just keep zooming as far as you want.

The toolbars have been improved with more of the commands having their own buttons. There is also a lock to prevent accidental movement of toolbar items once you have created your ideal layout. Many more menu items have images on them.

Those who get the CD version with printed manual will notice the quality has improved. This is due to the use of direct digital printing rather than a copier. Each manual is effectively an original. A pdf manual also forms the online help. Currently the manual is displayed on screen starting at page 1. Shortly there will be updates that make the manual open at the correct page for the dialog you are viewing.

CAD objects on pattern (Publisher edition)
In the publisher edition you can use the vector CAD package to create almost any drawing object to add to the pattern. These can include graduated fill patterns, lines, polygons, curves etc. The CAD files can also be exported to AutoCAD DXF format.

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