Colour ranges

Most of the manufacturers colour ranges for Cross Stitch Professional have been measured accurately with a spectrometer to ensure the colour codes given by the colour key are true to the real threads. This is particularly important for photo to chart work where accurate colours are very important to the look of the stitched work.

All editions come with the guarantee that we will add any thread colour range if you supply a real thread shade card. There is no charge for adding new colour ranges.

We require a shade card containing an area of colour at least 6mm diameter.

Current list of colour ranges

Needlepoint Inc. Silk
DMC Flower Thread
Danish Flower Thread
Anchor Tapestry Wool
Paterna Wool
DMC Tapestry (new and old colour numbers)
Anchor Marlitt
Turkey Rug Wool
Readicut Rug Wool
English Rug Wool
Tapimatic Rug Wool
Bramwell (4-ply, DK, Bramwool, Artistic, Hobby, Savannah)
Appleton Wool
Kreinik Silk Serica
Trebla stranded cotton
Cosmo stranded cotton
Kreinik metallic
DMC metallic
Millhill Beads
Rosarios 4
Eterna Silk (new addition - ask for update if not in your version)

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